Agios Lazaros, Cyprus

Agios Lazaros, Larnaca

163 m

Located in its own square in the town centre, the magnificent stone church of Agios Lazaros is one of the most remarkable examples of Byzantine architecture in Cyprus and lies over the tomb of the saint. Built by Byzantine Emperor Leo VI in the 9th century, the church was restored in the 17th century. Next to the church is the Byzantine Museum, which exhibits important religious icons, artefacts and relics.

Opening time: 1 Mar-31 Oct: Daily: 08:00-18:30 Sunday 06:30 - 12:30, 15:30-18:30 1 Nov-29 Feb: Daily: 08:00-12:30, 14:30-17:30 Sunday 06:30 - 12:30, 15:30-17:30

Hobos Amusement Spot, Cyprus

Hobos Amusement Spot, Larnaca

577 m

The Hobos Amusement Spot is located close to the coast, in the city of Larnaca. The amusement park is well known among tourists, adults and children alike, for the wide variety of rides both indoors and outdoors. The park is the perfect destination for child-friendly rides with a decent budget.

Finikoudes Beach, Cyprus

Finikoudes Beach, Larnaca

578 m

Finikoudes beach draws a lively crowd, thanks to its location opposite Larnaca's city centre. Backed by plenty of restaurants, bars and kiosks, your day at the beach will be well catered for. The golden sands are ideal for the little ones’ construction work and bigger kids will love the banana boat rides.

Opening time: Always open

Psarolimano Fishing Port, Cyprus

Psarolimano Fishing Port, Larnaca

1.3 km

Psarolimano is a picturesque fishing port with all kinds of colorful fishing boats and a charming seaside walkway that embraces the sea on one side and is fringed by tavernas and restaurants on the other, interspersed with old, traditional houses. It is followed by a strip of ice-cream parlours running parallel to the beach and popular with families.

Kastella Beach, Cyprus

Kastella Beach, Larnaca

1.4 km

Kastella Beach is a a 600-metre long strip with calm, clear and shallow seawaters, thin grey sand and touches of greenery. The beach is only 15 minutes away from Larnaca city centre and is very close to the fishing refuge. Access to the beach is easy and safe by foot, bike, bus or car, with a bus stop a few metres along the road and a cycle path running parallel.

Mackenzie Beach, Cyprus

Mackenzie Beach, Larnaca

2.3 km

Located near to the site of Larnaca's old airport, the highly popular Mackenzie Beach is a 1 km long strip with fine sands of varying shades of brown and beige, calm, clear and shallow seawaters, and abundant greenery. The beach attracts both families and younger crowds during the day, whilst at night it is a premium destination for clubbing.

Opening time: Always open

MS Zenobia Wreck, Cyprus

MS Zenobia Wreck, Larnaca

2.3 km

Affectionately known as ‘The Zen’, the Zenobia Wreck in Cyprus is one of the top ten wrecks to dive. Located just 1500 metres off the coast…

Larnaca Salt Lake, Cyprus

Larnaca Salt Lake, Larnaca

3 km

Larnaca Salt Lake is the second largest salt-lake in Cyprus and measures 2.2 square kilometres. In 1997 it was declared a protected area under Cypriot Law. It is a significant Ramsar and Natura 2000 site – one of the most significant biotopes in Europe - and one of the most important habitats in Europe for waterfowl. During the winter, the lake fills with water and is home to migrating birds, including thousands of flamingos that stay between November and March, along with wild ducks and other water or shore fowl that find refuge here on their migratory journeys.

Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, Cyprus

Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, Larnaca

3.5 km

This historic mosque is located 3km west of Larnaca on the road to Kiti, on the main Salt Lake. The mosque was built over the grave of Umm Haram or Ummü Haram, who was believed to be the sister of the Prophet Mohammed’s foster mother or a follower from Medina to Cyprus. Conservation works, aiming at preserving the monument, are being conducted by the Department of Antiquities on a systematic basis since 1967.

Faros Beach, Cyprus

Faros Beach, Larnaca

10.2 km

Faros Beach is a 500-metre strip of fine sands of varying shades of beige, calm, shallow seawaters and ample trees and greenery. You will never fear the safety of the waters at Faros beach because it is regularly tested and cleaned. It has a ready beach volleyball court for those who wish to enjoy a friendly competition underneath the sun. Facilities on the beach include toilets, showers, changing rooms, sun beds, umbrellas, dustbins, recycling bins and a children’s playground.